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Dental Emergencies

Child with dental injury

Pediatric Dental Emergencies

We all hate to see our children in pain. If your child is suffering from a dental emergency, the staff at Teeth R Us Dentistry are trained to help alleviate your child’s pain and manage the crisis. When an emergency occurs, it’s essential to seek treatment for your child as soon as possible. A quick response can help Dr. Smith save the tooth, if possible, and reduce the risk of more extensive dental care. Pediatric dental emergencies can include:

•Broken/cracked teeth from sports or play
•Knocked out baby/permanent tooth
•A broken or dislocated tooth from a fall
•Severe toothaches that interfere with eating, speaking, or sleeping
•Swelling in the mouth/cheek/face due to the affected tooth
•Injury to the jaw
•Dental abscesses  

Help for Common Dental Emergencies

Below are a few common scenarios and what to do if they occur

What if my Child Fractures or knocks out a Tooth?

If your child fractures a tooth, then gather any fragments you can find and store them in a clean container of milk or saliva of the child that lost the tooth. Never use water to transport a broken or knocked-out tooth. You must visit the dentist immediately to prevent infection and other complications brought on by chipped or knocked-out teeth. If the tooth is knocked out, only touch the crown of the tooth and not the root. The dentist will be able to repair your child’s tooth or fix it with a crown.


What if my child has a Tongue, Cheek, or Lip Injury with Excessive Bleeding?

If your child experiences a cut on their tongue, cheek, or lip, bleeding can usually be stopped by applying clean gauze to the affected area. You can also apply ice to the site to help stop the bleed. If you cannot stop the bleeding, call our office or visit the emergency room. If your child has an open oral wound for a long period of time, they can be susceptible to infection.

kid tooth broken, bleeding

What should I do in the case of a severe blow to the head or a jaw fracture?

It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention in such situations. A severe head injury can pose a life-threatening risk, and prompt medical intervention is vital. It’s worth noting that an emergency medical team might be able to arrive at your location faster than you can reach the hospital, so don’t hesitate to call for assistance.

What do I do for a Persistent Toothache?

If your child has a toothache, then have them rinse their mouth with warm water to ease the pain. If the pain persists for more than 24 hours, contact Teeth R Us Dentistry. Persistent toothaches can indicate more serious problems that need to be observed by a dental professional.

little girl with toothache

Child's Adult Teeth Behind Baby Teeth: What to Do?

The arrival of permanent teeth is an exciting time for children, but it can also come with some challenges. One of these challenges is when the adult teeth start to come in behind the baby teeth. This is a common occurrence and is often caused by the lower primary (baby) tooth not falling out in time for the permanent tooth to take its place.

If your child starts to wiggle the baby tooth, it will usually fall out naturally within a couple of months. If this doesn’t happen, it’s best to contact your pediatric dentist. They can easily remove the baby tooth and help the permanent tooth move into the correct position.

In conclusion, if you notice that your child’s adult teeth are coming in behind the baby teeth, there’s no need to worry. With a little help from your pediatric dentist, the problem can be easily resolved and your child will be on their way to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Little girl getting teeth checked
little boy showing teeth

If your child experiences a dental emergency, please call our office today, and we will work to schedule an immediate appointment for you