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White Dental Crowns

What materials are used for pediatric dental crowns?

At Teeth R’ Us Children’s Dentistry, we understand that metal dental crowns can be unappealing and potentially harmful to some patients. That’s why we’re proud to offer metal-free zirconia dental crowns as a safe and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Traditional stainless steel crowns contain nickel, which can cause localized tissue irritation and metal allergies. Our zirconia crowns are made from a 100% zirconia ceramic, which is one of the strongest materials on earth. These crowns are not only durable, but also natural-looking, with a translucent quality that can be tinted to match your child’s teeth color. With normal tooth contours, our zirconia crowns are the perfect solution for children needing a non-toxic, biocompatible dental crown. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Example of Silver Crowns and White Crowns

Inside the mouth of a child with white crown vs silver crown

Why Dr. Smith has chosen to use white crowns

The Teeth R’ Us team understands that having a positive self-image is an essential aspect of oral health. Children who are more confident in their smiles often make friends more easily, perform better in school, and have higher self-esteem. We have chosen to use white crowns for our patients because of the negative impact stainless steel crowns have on the overall appearance of your child’s smile. Our white crowns are made from a hard, durable material called zirconia. 

Example of Silver Crowns and White Crowns

Inside the mouth of a child with white crown vs silver crown
Child smiling, showing the positives of using fluoride

What can I expect when my child has a pediatric dental crown placed?

We begin the process of placing a pediatric crown by administering dental sedation and/or a local anesthetic to keep your child calm, numb, and comfortable during the procedure. We remove the decayed or damaged tissue, then reshape the tooth so that the dental crown can fit on top. Finally, we adhere the pediatric crown to the top of the tooth.