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Importance of X-Rays in Dental Exams

Childing with x-ray print

How Pediatric Dental X-Rays Help Identify Issues Early On

During a routine dental exam, only the visible surfaces of the teeth and soft tissues can be examined. X-rays play a crucial role in detecting carious lesions developing in between teeth that are not visible to the naked eye. By taking radiographs during preventative exams, dentists can diagnose and treat small lesions before they become larger, leading to pain, swelling, and infection.

Furthermore, x-rays enable dentists to examine not only the teeth but also the bones of the jaw and face, including the mandible and maxilla, for any unusual growths or abnormalities.

Although some patients may have concerns about radiation exposure during x-rays, the amount of radiation (mrem) received during dental x-rays is very small when compared to other sources of radiation in everyday life. At our office, we use digital x-rays, which deliver the lowest amount of radiation required for diagnosis. Therefore, patients can rest assured that they are receiving safe and effective dental care with the aid of x-rays.