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Root Canal Treatment

Baby Root Canal

Also known as Pulpotomy

Saving a natural tooth is always the primary goal at Teeth R Us. That’s why we offer highly trained dental professionals who specialize in root canal therapies in a warm and comfortable environment. One such therapy is a therapeutic pulpotomy, also known as a “mini” or “baby” root canal.

This treatment involves removing decayed tissue from the pulp chamber of the tooth and filling it with a medicated material to halt further decay.

By educating our patients and their families about the tooth and recommended root canal therapy, we can help save infected teeth, prevent the need for extractions, and avoid painful and dangerous oral infections. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more about our comprehensive dental services.

Here are a few symptoms that mean you might need a root canal:

• Severe pain while chewing or biting
• Pimples on the gums
• A chipped or cracked tooth
• Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold, even after the sensation has been removed
• Swollen or tender gums
• Deep decay or darkening of the gums

If you are in pain and think it might be an infected or abscessed tooth, please contact our office today, so that we can provide the relief and treatment you need!